Details make the Sundin difference.
The Sundin difference is in the details.

For four generations, the Sundin family of homebuilders has steadfastly upheld the tradition of superb craftsmanship begun in 1934 by Bernard Aldin Sundin.

Details: The mark of fine craftsmanship.

Details signify quality. And they distinguish your home as a showplace. The perfect, graceful sweep of a line. A thoughtful sense of proportion. The way all the pieces come together as a seamless, organic whole — and stay together durably across the years.

Understanding your dreams.

When you work with Sundin Builders, our passion for the details extends well beyond the structure. Before we drive a single nail — and as construction progresses — we confer with you often on every aspect of your new home or addition. Considering all factors, large and small. Learning and knowing your needs. And sharing your vision of your dream home.

We’re not just builders — we’re neighbors.

Good design also encompasses the aesthetic qualities that make a home the “right fit” for its surroundings and appropriate to your community. We care for and respect our community because we live here, too.

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